Marriage Registration of a South Asian Foreign Refugee

What Exactly Is a Refugee?

A refugee is someone who has fled their home country due to persecution, war, or violence. A refugee is someone who is fleeing persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, or membership in a specific social group. They are most likely unable or afraid to return home. The primary causes of refugees fleeing their countries are war and ethnic, tribal, and religious violence.

Who are South Asian Native Refugees?

Do you want to know who the native South Asian refugees are? look at the list below.

b. Srilankans
c. Pakistani
d.Indians/Punjabis/South-indians/Northeast Indians
e. Bhutanese

What is a Refugee Court Marriage Registration in Nepal?

When a person flees their home country and settles in a third country, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, or Europe, and wishes to have their marriage registered with a Nepalese court, they must meet the legal requirements. Any individual with refugee status who is on a travel document and wishes to register a court marriage in Nepal with a non-refugee of any nationality may do so.

What are the requirements for Refugee Court Marriage Registrations in Nepal?

If you want to learn more about the requirements for court marriage registration documentation, check out the list below..

  1. Affidavit for Eligibility to Marry/Unmarried Certificate/Letter of no Impediment.
  2. Copy of a Passport
  3. 1 Witness
  4. Passport Sized Photograph
  5. Temporary Stay Letter
  6. Marriage Law of their respective Country of Residence
  7. Notarization
  8. Translation of Marriage Law into Nepali

Procedures For Obtaining Single Status :

How to Obtain an Unmarried Certificate in Bangladesh?

The District Commissioner (DC) has the authority to issue a certificate of unmarried status. To obtain an unmarried certificate, the necessary documents must be submitted along with an application to the DC office.

After that, the Bangladesh Embassy in Nepal must stamp the Single Status Affidavit needed:

1. An affidavit sworn and notarized by a Notary Public by either parent (father or mother).

2. Photos of the parent who signed the affidavit.

3. Photos, all educational certificates, and the person seeking an Unmarried/Single Status certificate’s National ID or Passport.


I. After completing the affidavit and submitting all of the above-mentioned documents, an application must be submitted to the DC office.

ii. The DC office will send a letter to Special Branch (SB) for verification. The SB office will send a report to the DC office, which will then issue the Unmarried/Single-Status Certificate based on the report.

For Pakistani:

Official Unmarried Certificates can be obtained from the local union council in the applicant’s area of residence. Union councils issue UnMarried Certificates on their printed letterhead, complete with official seal and signature.

A single status certificate is a legal document in Pakistan that declares your marital status as single. As a result, it is also known as a certificate with a single status declaration. This certificate is also known as a certificate with a single status declaration.

For Indians:

An Unmarried Affidavit or Eligibility to Marry Certificate can be obtained from a family court or Sub Divisional Magistrate / SDM with jurisdiction over the applicant’s residential address in India who wishes to marry in Nepal. The attestation of the marital status certificate will be performed by a ‘Notary Public.’ Finally, the Unmarried / Bachelorhood Certificate will be Apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs / MEA of the Government of India.After this process is completed, the Indian embassy in Nepal must stamp the Single Status Affidavit.

In Sweden:

A Single Status Certificate, also known as a No Marriage Affidavit, Certificate of Freedom to Marry, or Certificate of No Impediment, is a sworn declaration that you are free to marry.

Overseas marriage authorities frequently require additional proof that the party is free to marry. A statement from the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages stating that there is no record of the person having been previously married, or a ‘Single Status Certificate’ or ‘No Records Result’ are examples of such evidence.

You apply for the hindersprvning ( Letter of No Impediment) at a Swedish Tax Agency (tax office) or Skatteverket (National Registration). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of issuing legalisations.

UK Resident with Refugee Status:

The Solicitor/Commisioner For Oaths issues a Single Status Affidavit.

And Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Commonwealth and Development Affairs Apostillees that Affidavit.

Alternatively, you can obtain a single status affidavit from the Borough Council Registration in your area of residence.

Are you a refugee living in a third country who wishes to register your marriage in Nepal with the court?

You must consider speaking with a Marriage Registration Lawyer in Nepal for court marriage in Nepal.

a. Seek the advice of a knowledgeable Family Lawyer.
b. In a few sentences, describe your background.
c. Please describe your situation.
d. Before traveling to Nepal, make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork.
e. Organize your marriage registration appointment around your hectic schedule.
f. If you plan to organize an event, request accommodations and event management.


If you would like to see a sample of unmarried certificate for a person holding refugee status then see the below sample of single status certificate issued in the UK

Letter of No Impediment
Affidavit of a Refugee Status Holder in the UK

A sample of a Marriage Certificate issued by the Nepali court to a Foreign Refugee

Here is an example of a Marriage Certificate between a person with Refugee Status and a non-refugee status holder.

Marriage Certificate of Refugee Status Holder
Marriage Certificate of a Refugee Status Holder

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