Checklist for Court Marriage Registration

Are you searching for the checklist for Court Marriage in Nepal? Here we have created a checklist where you can find the top 7 things to consider while marriage registration in Nepal.

Top 7 Checklist for Court Marriage in Nepal

These are the important 7 things to fulfill for marriage registration if you are worried about the things then please check this list in order to have all the required documents in place.

1. Attained the age of 21

Applicants those who want enter into a marriage must reach the legal age of 21 to get their marriage registered with the court in Nepal. Attaining legal age is the entry to the marriage club.

2. Certificate of Single Status/Letter of No Objection/Letter of No Impediment/Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry

Applicants who wish to submit a marriage application before the court must furnish single status certificate or the no objection letter from the concerned Ward office or the relevant embassy of the applicant country in Nepal.

3. A letter of temporary stay if you are not a permanent resident of Kathmandu.

Applicant who are not a permanent resident of Kathmandu must obtain temporary stay letter from the Ward of their residence/Hotel/Apartment. 15 days stay upon arrival in Kathmandu is mandatory. In case of a permanent resident, they do not require to obtain a temporary stay letter.

4. One witness for each applicant

Applicant that desires to register their marriage with the court must have a witness who is able to testify if required.

5. A passport-sized photograph

Applicant of marriage registration are required to provide a passport-sized photograph while registering marriage in Nepal.

6. A divorce decree if you have previously been married.

Applicant of Marriage Registration in Nepal who have been previously married are to provide a divorce decree from their previous spouse. It is one of the crucial requirements for court marriage registration in Nepal. It is vital to disclose your information for marriage registration.

7. If you are a foreigner, you must submit a Marriage Law from your home country, along with other documents.

A foreigner who wishes to get their marriage registered with the court in Nepal are to fulfill certain requirements one of them is marriage law of their respective state is to be submitted with an authorized translated copy in English and a Nepali.

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