Court Marriage Registration in Nepal

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Steps for Marriage Registration in Nepal

Section 70 of the 2017 Civil Code clearly states four requirements for a person to marry in Nepal: 
Both the man and the woman accept each other as husband and wife. Incest cannot be punished if the couple is not blood relatives. If the couple is not already married. If they are both over the age of 20.

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Marriage Registration Methods

Marriage registration can be conducted in three ways: 

  • Registration of a marriage at a court (“Court marriage”) 
  • Marriage registration of an already married couple through a social/religious ritual (Receiving the marriage certificate from the ward office) 
  • Registration of marriages at an embassy or consulate office

Documents Required in Nepal for Court Marriage Registration

Anyone wishing to register their marriage must submit an application to the appropriate district court, along with the following documents: 

  • Form of application in the prescribed format, duly completed and signed; 
  • Original and notarised copy of the applicants’ citizenship certificate; Original and notarised copy of the witness’ citizenship certificate 
  • Both applicants must provide letters of recommendation from their respective wards proving their single or unmarried status. 
  • Letters of recommendation for temporary residence from local ward offices–This is required for both applicants. 
  • 4 passport-sized photocopies 
  • Furthermore, any foreign citizen who wishes to conduct a court marriage in Nepal must have the following documents: 
  • To marry in Nepal, there is no objection letter from the respective embassy or consulate. A notary public must notarize and translate this document into Nepali.

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Marriage Registration in a Court of Law : Court Marriage

Step 1: In their presence, both applicants complete and sign an application.
Step 2: The court authority verifies all of the documents. The court registers the application and sets a hearing date after it has been verified.
Step 3: Both applicants and their witnesses must appear in court on the appointed date.
Step 4: If all of the paperwork and legal requirements are in order, the judge will approve the marriage registration application and the court administration will issue a certificate.

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