Kathmandu District Court

Kathmandu District Court in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu District Court is located in Kathmandu, Nepal, at Babar Mahal. The Court is based in Kathmandu, Nepal’s federal capital. Because it serves both Nepalese and international citizens, it is recognized as an essential District Court in Nepal. Since the court is located in the country’s capital, services are available.. The Judiciary has granted the court permission to hear cybercrime-related lawsuits. This enables the court to hear petitions involving cybercrime in Nepal. The court is divided into 33 benches, each presiding over 33 judges. Administration, record keeping, and case implementation all provide excellent service. Every day, marriage registration, court-referred mediation, power of attorney-related legal hearings, and deliberations take place. Court officials are service-oriented people who value providing services to clients/visitors. Each section of the court has video cameras installed to record daily court activities. On a daily basis, video conferences are used to hear clients’ pleas for cases, representation, and evidence collection.
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Kathmandu District Court in Kathmandu Nepal

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