Registration of Non-Resident Indian Marriages in Nepal

Non-Resident Indians are Indian citizens who live in another country for the purpose of work, vacation, or business. Employees of United Nations organizations who work for the government and are assigned government-related tasks. Non-resident Indian citizens have the same rights as non-resident Indian citizens.

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) face challenges during the marriage registration process in India. The process is exhausting because it takes several days to complete. The minimum stay requirement in India is 30 days, and after that the notice must be issued and the public hearing must take place.

Due to these exhausting stages, marriage registration in India is unwanted and nearly impossible. Nepal is a desirable economically viable marriage registration destination in such cases.

Steps to Consider for marriage registration of NRIs – Non-resident Indians

Single or unmarried Certificate/Letter of No impediment

NRIs are people from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other foreign countries who choose to marry Indians who live in India.

Documents needed for the Single-Status Affidavit Recommendation

  • No-record certificate
  • No impediment certificate
  • A single mandatory reporting declaration
  • Credential of legal capacity to agree marriage, and so on Credential of Nulla Osta

A certificate of singlehood is not mentioned in the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

As a result, an individual must prepare an affidavit in order to register a marriage. An advocate who is a registered notary public services provider prepares the affidavit, which is then submitted to the judicial magistrate for official signing validation.

District and sub-divisional magistrates (DM and SDM) can issue a voluntary affidavit proving singlehood against that person, which serves as an official singlehood certificate. The certificate is then sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for attestation and apostilling.

Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or Indian-origin foreign citizen with a single status

Indians living abroad must obtain a letter of no objection from their respective home countries or embassies in Nepal.

Citizens of the US:

The American embassy in Nepal can provide a no objection letter to US citizens and NRIs residing in the US.

Citizens of Australia

After the Department of Justice in Australia issues a certificate of single-hood, Australian citizens-NRI residing in Australia can obtain a no objection letter from the Australian embassy in Nepal. He or she must obtain a certificate of no impediment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon arrival in Nepal.

Citizens of the United Kingdom

NRIs residing in the United Kingdom can obtain a certificate of no impediment from the UK embassy in Nepal, or you can bring a certificate of no impediment from the United Kingdom.

Citizens of Canada

NRIs residing in Canada may obtain Affidavit for eligibility to Marry at the consulate office located in Kathmandu submitting all the required documents at the Consulate.

Laws governing foreign marriage

In the case of Indian origin, the law of their respective countries must be translated for marriage registration in Nepal. In such a case, a Japanese citizen or a citizen of a non-English speaking country must translate legal provisions relating to marriage in English from their respective countries’ embassies in Nepal.

Duration of time

  • Marriage registration in Nepal requires a minimum stay of 15 days.
  • Indians who wish to register their marriage in Nepal must stay for a minimum of 15 days.
  • On the 16th day, the couple can file an application with the court for marriage registration, and their marriage certificate will be ready on the 17th day. If you travel from the United States or the United Kingdom to Nepal and then take a land route to India, your stay in India will be 15 days.

Indian nationals can obtain citizenship.

Indian citizens are required to bring their passports. If your passport is not yet ready or if you have not yet obtained a passport, you must obtain an Indian national identity card from the Indian embassy in Nepal.

Detailed Documents

  • A foreign-issued identification card
  • Indian national identity card of the national Translation marriage-related provision of their respective countries.

 Marriage certificate Sample of Non-resident Indian( NRI)

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