Marriage Registration of a Nepali Citizen

Are you a Nepali Citizen seeking legal assistance for Court Marriage in Nepal? You may learn more about it in the below write up.

New legal provisions concerning marriage in Nepal have been implemented as a result of the implementation of the new ‘Muluki Civil Code.’

The Muluki Civil Code Section 70 specifies the following requirements for a man and a woman to marry.

  • As husband and wife, both the man and the woman accept each other.
  • To be punished for incest, a married couple must not be related by blood.
  • Both the man and the woman must be single, divorced, or unmarried.
  • Both the man and the woman must be over the age of 20.

The law, however, has made a reservation for the caste (tribe) where it is culturally acceptable to marry one’s relatives.

Court marriages in Nepal are carried out in accordance with the legal provisions outlined in Section 77 of the Muluki Civil Code. For the purposes of this article,’man’ and ‘woman’ are referred to collectively as ‘Applicants.’

The requirements for Marriage Registration are straightforward and simple. An application may be filed in the District Court of the district in which the Applicants live. Applicants must have spent at least 15 days in the district where the application is being filed, according to the law. If the applicant is located outside of Nepal, he or she can apply at the nearest Nepali embassy or consulate.

Information Needed

  • Full name; address; occupation; father’s and mother’s names; grandfather’s and grandmother’s names; citizenship number and place of issue; previous marriage/divorce details (not required for persons never married before).
  • Full name, address, age, citizenship number, and place of issue for all witnesses.


  • The application form must be completed and signed in the format specified.
  • Write a consensus paper in the format specified.
  • For temporary residence, a letter of recommendation from the local ward office is required. Both applicants must meet this requirement.
  • The local ward issued a letter of recommendation for unmarried or single status. Both applicants must meet this requirement.
  • Original citizenship of the applicants
  • Original citizenship of the Witnesses.

Procedure for Registration

Court Marriage in Nepal
Procedures for Marriage Registration- Court Marriage in Nepal

Applicants and all witnesses must appear at the District Court (if they are in Nepal) or the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate (if they are abroad) and register the application along with the required documents. Following that, applicants must appear before a judge or consulate general and sign a log book (marriage register). Applicants will receive one ‘Certificate of Marriage Registration‘ at the end of court marriage process. The entire procedure can take 2 business days.


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