If you would like to check a court marriage certificate online after your marriage registration with the court in Nepal then see the details below.

Nowadays, all data is uploaded online. If you have registered your marriage with the Nepali court, you can check your marriage registration in Nepal online. First and foremost, you must visit the link provided below.

Read More click the link https://supremecourt.gov.np/web/

Please look up the marriage registration details on the day.

After that, go to your marriage registered district and look up your marriage registered date on the Daily Cause List. After you enter the date, a list of Judges will appear, along with your name.

  1. The search begins with the Marriage Registration Number.

After your marriage is registered, you will receive your marriage certificate, which will include a marriage registration number. The registration number appears to be-078-02-1665.

This number appears at the bottom of the details column after you select the district.

Insert the marriage registration number in that column. All of the details will appear on the screen after you enter the marriage registration number

Should you have any questions relating to court marriage certificate online in Nepal, please contact at+9779849517735.

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