Court Marriage Information in Nepal

Full name; address; occupation; father’s and mother’s names; grandfather’s and grandmother’s names; citizenship number and place of issue; information about previous marriages/divorces (not required for persons never married before).
All witnesses must provide their full name, address, age, citizenship number, and place of birth.

Documents Required for Court Marriage in Nepal

  • Completed and signed application form in the prescribed format [prepared by an attorney].
  • Paper of consensus in the prescribed format [prepared by an attorney].
  • Recommendation letter from the local ward office for temporary residence. This is only required if the application is being filed in a district other than the district of permanent residence [Issued by the Local Government].

Letter of recommendation for single or unmarried status

Issued by the local government. This is required for both Applicants [Issued by the Ward Offices of the Applicants].
Original citizenship of applicants
Original citizenship of two witnesses
Passport-sized photographs of applicants
The court fee was deposited in the form of an NPR 500 bank voucher.
Foreign citizens who wish to perform a Court Marriage in Nepal must bring the following documents:

No Objection Certificate/Unmarried or Single Affidavit/or any other document

  • The local government or by the respective government, embassy, or consulate stating the applicant’s eligibility to marry in Nepal is required.
  • If a foreign government issues a document, it must be attested by a competent authority, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This must be translated.
  • This document must be translated into Nepali and notarized before it can be used.
    An snippet from each country’s marriage law.
  • This document must be translated into Nepali and witnessed by a Notary Public in Nepal.
    The Nepali government issues a passport as well as a valid visa. This must be attested to by a Nepali Notary Public.

Registration Procedure

Applicants and all witnesses must appear in person at the District Court (if in Nepal) or the Nepal Embassy or Consulate (if abroad) to register the application and all required documents. Applicants must then appear before a judge or consulate general and sign a log book (marriage register). At the end of the process, applicants will be given one ‘Certificate of Marriage Registration.’ The entire process can take 1 to 2 days, depending on the district court.

The Advantages of Court Marriage in Nepal

  • The process is quick and easy. The entire procedure can sometimes be completed in a single day.
  • It is cheap. Because it is a judicial registration.
  • Other countries recognize and enforce court marriages. It makes visa processing extremely simple.
  • There are no other limitations.

As long as the above requirements are met, applicants do not need to worry about social or family issues. Court marriage is most beneficial in inter-caste or inter-religious marriages.
Marriage registration certificates are issued by the relevant District court.
This is a wise choice because there are fewer invitees. Particularly in the post-Covid-19 scenario, where large crowds are dangerous, if not illegal.

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