What is Travel Document?

A travel document is a type of identification that a government or international entity issues in line with international agreements, allowing people to pass through border control measures.

Travel documents typically guarantee the bearer’s ability to return to the issuing country, and they are frequently issued in booklet form so that other governments can place visas as well as entry and exit stamps in them.

A passport is the most commonly used travel document, and it usually confers additional benefits, such as visa-free entry into specific countries, on the bearer.

While passports are the most common type of government-issued travel document, many states and international organizations issue other types of travel documents that allow holders to travel internationally to countries that recognize the documents.

People who are stateless, for example, are not usually issued a national passport, but they may be able to obtain a refugee travel document or the earlier “Nansen passport,” which allows them to travel to countries that recognize the document and, in some cases, return to the issuing country.


What documents are required for a Travel Document Holder to marry in Nepal?

  • A copy of Travel Document
  • If you have previously been married, a Divorce Decree is required
  • One witness for each (could be a friend, family member, relative, or someone who knows you).
  • Passport Sized Photograph

Timeframe for Marriage Registration

2 Business days

Services Offered

  • Matrimonial Consultation
  • Foreign Marriage Law Translation/Notarization
  • Witness identities Notarization
  • Legal Drafts
  • Documentation
  • Embassy Visits Are Made Easier

Accommodation Arrangement

You are welcome to submit your budget/requirements for your entire stay.

Wedding Ceremonies in the Traditional Style

Following a court marriage, if you want to have a traditional wedding ceremony, that can be arranged (pundit, priest, etc.) based on your needs.


Professional Photographer can be arranged based on your budget and needs.

Do you hold Travel Document?

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