Registration of Non-Resident Nepali marriages in Nepal

Who is NRN?

A Nepali national living in a foreign country after obtaining citizenship is referred to as an NRN (Non-Resident Nepali).

NRN (Non-Resident Nepali) marriage is a union between Nepali citizens from Nepal and if one of the partners has obtained a foreign passport and citizenship, a different provision must be followed. The procedure in such a case is similar to that of a foreign citizen.

Man or woman of Nepalese origin who resides in another country and holds a foreign passport. It is not uncommon for a son or daughter to marry someone from outside Nepal.

However, not everything appears to be as glamorous as it appears. There have been recent reports of marriage bonds formed with the intent of defrauding by distorting information and personal status. As a result, it’s a good idea to think twice before getting married.

1. How do you get your marriage registered with the NRN?

It is recommended that your marriage be registered in the District Court of your residence. A marriage certificate can assist in resolving disputes in a variety of ways. Before you leave for overseas with your NRN husband or wife, make sure your marriage is legally registered.NRN Marriage Registration

2. What are the most common disagreements in NRN matrimonial relationships?

The overwhelming majority of NRN marriage disputes fall into one of two categories.
The NRN bridegroom marries a Nepali girl, accepts cash gifts, and departs to America, leaving his wife behind in Nepal.
When a Nepali husband and wife marry outside of Nepal, they may engage in extramarital affairs, which can lead to mistreatment of one another and, ultimately, the dissolution of the marriage.

3. Can NRN get a divorce in the United States?

Couples married in Nepal and residing in the United States may seek divorce in the United States. The divorce decree issued by the US courts is recognized in Nepal.

4. How do you register your marriage with the NRN?

It is recommended that you register your marriage in the District court of your residence. A marriage certificate can help in a variety of ways when it comes to resolving disputes. Make sure your marriage is legally registered before you leave for overseas with your NRN husband or wife.

5. Is there anything NRN spouses should do before leaving the country?

Keep a record of your husband’s employer’s contact information in the foreign country, as well as the contact information for the police, ambulance, and Nepal Embassy where he or she is residing.

6. What precautions should a newlywed take in a foreign country?

Maintain a bank account in the country of residence so that money can be withdrawn in an emergency. Understand the laws, rights, and responsibilities of your country of residence. This will be beneficial in cases of abuse or neglect, including maltreatment and domestic violence. While abroad, keep in touch with friends and family via phone and any other means of communication.NRN Marriage Certificate Nepal

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