The price is the amount of money given or set as consideration for the service of court marriage in Nepal.

Everyone wants to know how much it costs to register a marriage in court. Marriage is a life-changing event for most people. The court marriage registration procedure is relatively affordable if you want to complete the marriage ceremony through the court.

You must obtain specific information about the registration and completion fees. We have tried to provide you with some information about the cost of court marriage completion in this article.

Additional charges may occur that are not listed here because they occur in court.
The cost of registering a marriage in court is detailed below.

Cost of the Listed Work

Unmarried Certificate

You must obtain an unmarried certificate from the district in which you reside. For the recommendation of an unmarried certificate, the Rural Municipality and the Municipality charge different fees depending on the location.

The Rural Municipality charges NPR 300 in Kathmandu’s periphery, while the Municipality charges NPR 1000 elsewhere. In Kathmandu, the recommendation of an unmarried certificate ranges between NPR 1000 and NPR 2000.

Temporary Stay Letter

A tax amount must be paid to the Municipality as a form of revenue in order to obtain a Temporary Stay Letter. The recommendation’s tax revenue varies depending on the municipality (municipality), metropolitan municipality (metropolitan municipality), and sub-metropolitan municipality (sub-metropolitan municipality).

The Municipality charges NPR 2000 for Nepalis and NPR 3000 for foreigners. However, the Municipality of Kathmandu charges NPR 10,000. NPR 10,000 is the fee for a recommendation of a temporary stay letter for a foreigner.

The Price of Marriage Law Translation

A foreigner who wishes to register a court marriage must have their home country’s marriage law translated into Nepali. The International Languages Campus(विश्‍वभाषा क्याम्पस) translates foreign law. The fee for translation is NPR 600 per page.

The Court’s expenses

For court marriage registration, the court charges a fee of NPR 500. This fee is paid at the bank, and the voucher is submitted with the application to the court.


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