Court Marriage in Nepal

The Lalitpur District Court is located in Patan Lalitpur, Nepal. It is a district in the Bagmati province. The Court’s headquarters are in Kathmandu, Nepal’s federal capital. It is regarded as an important District Court in Nepal because it serves both Nepalese and international citizens. The services are available to both Nepali citizens and foreigners. Any Nepali or foreign citizen who meets the court’s requirements receives the marriage certificate within two business days may have their marriage registered.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City, formerly Patan, is Nepal’s fourth largest city after Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Bharatpur, and is located in the Kathmandu Valley’s south-central region. It is Nepal’s newest metropolitan city. Lalitpur is also known as Manigal.


  • Marriage Registration
  • Notarization
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Foreign Marriage Law Translation
  • Legal Representation
  • Counseling

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