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Any person, male or female, is said to be married when they accept each other as husband and wife through a legal, formal, or traditional ceremony, according to Article 67 of the National Civil Code 2017. Similarly, Article 5 of the Marriage Registration Act 2058 states that any male or female interested in marrying must meet the eligibility requirements and submit an application for marriage registration as specified in Article 4 of the said Act.

In our legal system, there are three types of marriage.

  1. Ritual wedding

A ritual wedding is a marriage arranged by family through mutual understanding or by following traditional rituals. Traditional marriages are relatively common in Nepal.

  1. File a court application to register your marriage.

Marriages can be registered or ordered by a court of law. Marriage is defined as a marriage that is registered by a District Court following the receipt of an application and the completion of the legal procedure in the relevant District Court.

  1. The marriage of two lovers

When a boy or girl of legal marriage age falls in love and marries with or without the consent of their guardian, this is referred to as a love marriage