Planning to register marriage with the Dhading District Court?

Dhading District, which is part of Bagmati Province, is one of Nepal’s 77 districts. The district, which has its district headquarters in Dhading Besi, covers an area of 1,926 square kilometers and had a population of 338,658 in 2001 and 336,067 in 2011.

Available Services:

  • Counseling on Family Law
  • Legal Representation
  • Marriage Registration
  • Documentation/Preparation
  • Notarization
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Marriage Certificate Translation/Notarization

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2 thoughts on “Court Marriage in Dhading

  • Is it possible to file case from abroad sir ….may i know about that ..we are living separately more than 4 years…..

    • Dear Mr. Gurung:

      Yes, you may initiate the process from abroad. For detailed information, i would encourage you to contact at +977-9849517735(Whatsapp) or you may call directly.


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