If you live abroad and hold a green card/travel document/passort and planning to get your marriage registered with the court in Nepal then you might want to consult a foreign consultant with years of experience in the field.

Listen to our PR holder/ resident of the USA / Indian Citizen say about our services:

Mr. Rohit Singh has traveled all the way from California in the United States. He consulted us for foreign marriage registration in Nepal. He was pleased with our services and expressed his experience as “

“This is Rohit and I came to Nepal to get court marriage and I got service from Alpana Mam. And my experience was like great”

Hi I am Muskan and Myexperience was really good with Alpana Mam” Service was good. Thank You.

Witness” I am the withess, So My experience has been really smooth and its been a great experience over here and our jija is also our witness from the groom side and he also had a similar experience as we had. and its been a great experience here with Alpana Mam.

We are together. Many Congratulations to Rohit and Muskan.”

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