You must decide where to file for divorce if you are an NRN or a Nepali citizen. Choose the country that is best for both of you if you have obtained a divorce in more than one country.

Assess the family’s financial situation

The divorce attorney should determine which country is best suited to complete the divorce process.

Divorce obtained outside of Nepal is recognized under Article 706 of Nepal’s National Civil Code 2074. Property is divided differently in Nepal, according to article 707 of the national civil code 2074.

While the divorce is taking place elsewhere, the legislation in Nepal is silent on the property. Despite the foreign divorce, the Nepalese Supreme Court granted property rights and a share of property. If you got your divorce in Nepal, you have property rights.

It is easier in Nepal to obtain a divorce and assert your property rights, ensuring that there are no other issues when dividing the property..

Keep track of the client’s interests and goals.

Divorce attorneys must be attentive to their clients’ needs and desires, as well as respond to their concerns. He or she should assess their clients’ best options for obtaining a divorce. Also, keep jurisdiction in mind so that later jurisdictional issues do not arise. In order to resolve the issue for their client, he or she must be strategic and results-oriented.

Focus on country’s jurisdictions.

If you live in the United States or another foreign country, you should consider both your home country’s jurisdiction and Nepal’s. The divorce lawyer will concentrate on all aspects of the divorce, such as property division and child custody. Every aspect of divorce in the respective country should be familiar to the divorce lawyer. In a divorce case, there are different rules that apply to all financial and child custody issues.

Financial assistance to the spouse

When filing for divorce, the divorce attorney should think about where the NRN can seek alimony. In the context of the NRN divorce process, he or she should consider spousal support laws. Furthermore, the time frame for receiving the alimony payment should be established. What is the highest possible prize? In terms of whether the allowance is sufficient for subsistence. All of these findicators must be taken into account when filing for the NRN’s divorce.

Issues with enforceability (practicality)

The divorce lawyer must consider the enforceability of the divorce case decision. If both spouses agree, divorce can be finalized in two working days. If there is no agreement, the final decision could take a year. He or she should

Divorce Reasons

The reason for NRN’s divorce must be stated clearly. Divorce grounds differ from one country to the next. Divorce papers should be filed in a country that meets your needs. He or she must be well-versed in the evidence and documents that must be submitted on the NRN’s behalf.

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