Jumla District is one of ten districts in Nepal’s Karnali province. This district’s headquarters are in Jumla, and it covers an area of 2,531 square kilometers (977 sq mi). Jumla District Courts provide information on the list of conciliators, the fee for completing documents such as a complaint, reply, counterclaim, appeal, petition, and information on the selection of social workers, child psychotherapists, or child specialists.

Any Nepali citizen or foreign national traveling to Nepal for court marriage registration with the Jumla District Court must meet all court requirements and submit all required documents, such as a single status certificate, a copy of citizenship, a passport-sized photograph, and so on.

Available Services:

  • Assistance with Marriage Registration
  • Legal Consultation on Family Law
  • Notarization/Translation
  • Foreign Marriage Law/Translation

If you would like to learn more about the marriage registration with the Jumla District Court then please connect with us at +977-9849517735

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