If you are a origin of Bangladesh with a US Resident, Travel Document Passport or Green card holder and got your passport and wishing to get your marriage registration process to be conducted in Nepal then you might want to contact our foreign consultant with years of experience in the field who is a US graduate and that can understand your situation well and can guide you through the foreign marriage registration process in Nepal.

The foreign consultant will assist you with the legal documents and help you complete your legal requirements.

Listen to what Mr. Shagor and Beauty Rani have to say in their own words:

“So My name is Shagor. I flew from New York. My first connection in Kathmandu was Alpana Bhandari. She was from the beginnning to the end she was really helpful.

she set up me with the airport pick to my hotels and of course The main thing is marriage certificate. It was hard bt she fought for it She fought all the way through and we are very happy today we got the certificate. My wife she is from Bangladesh.

She fly from Bangladesh to here in Kathmandu and Alpana didi she helped us a lot. And today we got the certificate . We are really happy and I cannot thank her enough because of the help. I really appreciate it.

I wanna share with everybody if they need help in Kathmandu in Nepal for their marriage registration or any thing i mean she is the lady, she gonna fight for you all the way.”

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