Mark Ismendia, a young Spaniard, was on his way to Argemt Annapurna Base Camp (ABC).

He came to Nepal to forget about his fiancée, but the streams, waterfalls, forests, and ups and downs of the pathway did not entice him. He came with a friend and was saddened by his girlfriend’s remembrance.

The nineteenth of September, 2014. Mark and his friends reached a height of 2,920 meters above sea level on their journey to Annapurna base camp. They met another hiking group from Spain there. They introduced themselves. Let’s have tea together.

But Mark remained silent, unwilling to talk frankly to everyone.

Miriam Rosas Umbert was on the opposing team. He was plagued with rage. The medication was ineffective. Miriam was the one who called Mark. He gave me the medicine he had on hand.

‘I was sick with a cold. ‘The medicine brought by my buddy, who was in charge of carrying the first aid box on the walk, did not work,’ Miriam explained over WhatsApp to Setopati. ‘She gave me some medicine. Mark appeared to be a really kind person.

‘To be honest, I wasn’t particularly excited about marriage,’ she admitted. If it was going to be done, I wanted it to be in Nepal, near where the two persons originally met.’

She talked to Mark. Both sides’ families agreed as well.

The marriage would take place in Nepal, according to Nepali tradition, near the Annapurna base camp.

When Mark arrived in 2014, the trek was led by Pokhara’s Ethical Trekking Company. This business was also tasked with marrying Mark and Miriam at the base camp. Owner Krishna Acharya educated them on Nepali traditions.

The wedding hall had been constructed in accordance with Nepali custom. Two helicopters were chartered on April 21, 2019, to transport the bridegroom, bride, and guests from Spain to the base camp.

The weather has become adverse that day. The helicopter took off but did not return. The wedding was meant to take place on the same day as the engagement. When the weather did not appear to improve, the location was relocated. A mandap was built on the sidewalk in Shivai village, just below Ghandruk.

“All preparations were completed at the Annapurna base camp, but due to inclement weather, we had to find another location,” said Acharya, owner of Ethical Trekking. We finished all of the processes and married Mark and Miriam in accordance with Nepali custom.’

Mark and Miriam’s relatives traveled from Spain to attend the wedding. The marriage was performed by Pandit Ganesh Pokharel of Salyan village. Mark filled Miriam’s chest with vermilion while dressed in a Nepalese outfit. Local people and Mark’s Nepali pals also attended the wedding. They also organized a Nepali village feast.

According to Nepali tradition, a priest assisted us in being married. ‘The wedding was special,’ Miriam added. ‘We had a ceremony in a small village where we ended trekking, and the residents came too.’

Mark and Miriam have moved to Denmark. Miriam works as a researcher for a company. Some of his articles have appeared in medical journals. Mark holds a master’s degree in psychology and works as a psychologist.

Mark and Miriam have moved to Denmark. Miriam works as a researcher for a company. Some of his articles have appeared in medical journals. Mark has a master’s degree in psychology and works for a non-profit organization.

Miriam has not returned to Nepal since her marriage. Mark traveled for a month in Nepal with his father Jordi last October.

Mark and his father spent 22 days trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC). In Pokhara, I was exhausted. He traveled to his hometown of Salyan to meet with the wedding pandit. Miriam had planned to visit Nepal as well, but she was denied leave.

When my father and I visited Nepal, we missed Miriam terribly. ‘Let’s plan a trip and come back next time,’ Mark suggested in the discussion with Setopati. ‘We’ve visited numerous countries around the world. But we haven’t discovered someplace as good as Nepal or Nepalese. Nepal has captured our hearts.’

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