Nowadays, almost all services are available online. Since the COVID-19, people have been looking for online services. The internet connects two people via a system, most notably a computer or telecommunications system.

Following COVID, many cities across the United States, including New York, Colorado, and Ohio, implemented online court marriage systems.

Nepal has so far refused to recognize the online court marriage system. Nepal has made the following marriage registration requirements mandatory. Marriage Registration cannot be completed online; instead, you must go to the relevant district court.

According to Article 79 of the National Civil Code of 2017, individuals who wish to marry in court must declare and accept each other as husband and wife before the Judge in the courtroom. The witness must also sign the declaration paper and place the thump print. Such a paper cannot be completed online.


Article 77 of the 2017 National Civil Code requires the filing of a marriage registration application with the court. Online applications are not accepted. The applicant’s family details must be included on the application, as well as their full names, the identities of their Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, and information if previously married, and the names of two witnesses.

Such information must be typed/drafted in Nepali, and a photograph of the applicants must be attached. This type of work cannot be completed online.

Following the COVID, the concept of online marriage has made its way into Nepal. However, the law governing online court marriage has not been updated. Nepal follows the lex loci celebration doctrine, which is a Latin term for a legal principle defined as “the law of the land (lex loci) where the marriage was celebrated.”

Collecting Documents

If you have a limited time, you can hire a Nepali lawyer and collect documents online. If you have a lawyer acting as your legal representative, you do not need to be physically present. Hiring a lawyer from the start would be a wise decision. A lawyer can assist you with all legal aspects of your work in Nepal.

If you submit all of your documents online, you will have to appear in court twice.The 2 witnesses must appear in person before the District Court with their original ID proofs.

How to Register for a Marriage on courtmarriagekathmandu.com

We assist you in registering for your marriage in two 2 steps.

Fees for registering the marriage

There are fees associated with registering your marriage, whether online or offline. The fee is refundable if deposited online.


Marriage is a spiritually, socially, and legally transcendent experience. While the increasing virtualization of a wide range of services and social interactions has altered every aspect of our lives, Nepal should also pass legislation allowing for online marriage registration.

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