Every day in Nepal, 3-4 marriages between Chinese and Nepali individuals are registered. While incidents of bride trafficking have been recorded, this does not imply that all Chinese men exploit Nepali women. For many years, Chinese men have married women from Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand. Recently, low-level Chinese laborers working in Nepal’s hydropower plants have also married Nepali women.

As a result, after 200-400 Nepalis married, Thamel has evolved into a Chinese market, serving as a hotel for many Chinese people. With the influx of Chinese immigrants, the number of Chinese-Nepali marriages is increasing.

This article discusses what Nepali women and Chinese men should consider.

The Chinese are looking for Nepali girls due to the gender imbalance in the population. With the one-child policy and modern technology allowing parents to know the gender of a baby early in the pregnancy, the preference for males has resulted in drastically skewed gender ratios, particularly in some remote rural areas. China’s uneven sex ratio also contributes to the shortage of brides in the Chinese marriage market.

In China, the number of boys and girls differs significantly, with 190 boys for every 100 girls. In this scenario, a divorced man living in a village may be unable to find a woman. Now, Chinese bachelors can discover “true love” in Nepal. This has been beneficial for both Nepali and Chinese individuals.

No Monetary Demand

Chinese people face increasingly high expenses for marriage. Chinese women’s families frequently demand lavish presents in exchange for their daughter’s hand, exacerbated by the country’s unequal gender distribution. In China, the bride’s parents often require owning a flat, a car, and having a solid job with a large salary.

However, it is nearly impossible for an average-income bachelor to own an apartment on his own, leading more Chinese bachelors to look for love abroad. Nepalese women do not demand money, residences, or luxury vehicles as prerequisites for marriage.

Nepali Girls Are believed to be Committed and Straightforward

Chinese girls are often portrayed as gold diggers who are too controlling and demanding. Nepali girls are generally thought to be more courteous, perfect, submissive, shy, and faithful to their husbands.

Nepali Girls Understand English

Many Chinese people, particularly those who do not speak English, feel uncomfortable when traveling abroad. Teaching English to Nepali girls alleviates this discomfort. They are incredibly intelligent and interesting to chat with, ensuring you will never be bored if you date a Nepali woman. They are also well-educated and can maintain any conversation.

Language and Cultural Difficulties

Language and cultural difficulties exist between Nepali and Chinese individuals. Initially, communication happens through mobile apps. However, since Nepalis are good language learners, Nepali women can learn Chinese in two or three years.

Tips for Nepali Girls

In Nepal, 1-2 incidents of human trafficking have been reported in 1000 marriages to Chinese men. If you marry a Chinese man, consider the following:

Learn More About Chinese Men:

Nepali women often decide to marry without knowing about the Chinese man. Before marrying, learn about his nature and habits by talking to his family via video call.

Wait for One Year

Never make hasty decisions.

After meeting a Chinese man, keep in touch with him for at least a year. Only marry once you have a thorough understanding of his behavior.

Be Aware of Intermediate Guys

There is a large gang in Nepal that extorts massive sums of money by arranging marriages with Chinese men.

Learn Chinese

Since the Chinese do not speak English, it is vital to learn Chinese, either at a world language school or a private institute in Nepal.

Consider the Age Difference

Marrying a foreigner with a smaller age difference can be beneficial.

In Case of Emergency, Call the Police

If you are the victim of a crime in China, you can instantly contact 110, the most commonly used emergency number. All calls are free.

Keep Your Passport Safe

Those who transport people for prostitution or human trafficking often confiscate passports upon arrival in China. Keep your passport and cell phone with you.

    Tips for Chinese Men

    Chinese men looking to marry in Nepal should consider the following:

    Be Cautious with Gold Diggers

    Not everyone in Nepal is good. Some may charge you money to marry a girl. Use caution when dealing with brokers in Nepal.

    Spend More Time with Your Life Mate

    Date a Nepali girl before deciding to marry her.

    Refrain from Offering Money

    According to Nepali law, neither party should discuss transactions during their marriage. Attempting to get married by offering money may lead to punishment.

    Travel with a Tourist Visa

    Nepal is easy to enter with a tourist visa.

      How to Conduct a Chinese Court Marriage in Nepal

      To register a Chinese marriage in Nepal, the following documents are necessary:

      Single Status Paper

      Chinese citizens must bring their single status papers from China.

      Temporary Residence Paper

      Obtain a recommendation from the municipality after spending at least 15 days in Nepal.

      Time Period

      To marry a foreigner in Nepal, one must stay for 15 days. On the 16th day, the marriage is registered with the court.


      Two witnesses are required: one from the Nepali side and one from the Chinese side.


      Four photographs of the bride and groom are required.


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