Null and void marriages in Nepal

The Practice of Polygamy
It is forbidden to marry someone who is already married. When a married person marries a new person before divorcing, the marriage has no legal validity. If a husband or wife has been legally separated due to property division, only they can marry a new person. Anyone found guilty of bigamy faces up to five years in prison and a fine of NRS 10,000 to 50,000.
Marriage with No Consent
If a marriage is conducted without the consent of either the bride or the bridegroom, the forcible party faces up to two years in prison and an NRS 20,000 fine
Marriage of a child:
Marriage is legal for people over the age of 20. Forcing or manipulating a minor into marriage is against the law and is punishable. Anyone convicted of child marriage faces up to three years in prison and an NRS 30,000 fine.
Incestuous marriage
If such a marriage is performed without the consent of the parties, it is null and void.

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