Court marriage Kathmandu offers a wide range of legal services, serving both local and international clients.

Court Marriage Kathmandu offers legal services and handles the preparation of all legal documents required for marriage registration. Traditional families are typically preferred and registered at the Gau Palika and Ward Office. In this type of marriage, the legal validity of the marriage is called into question.

This article aims to enlighten on the legality of numerous forms of marriage, such as foreign marriage, marriage status gained after childbirth, and marriage status gained after pregnancy.

According to Sections 67 and 74 (2) of “The National Civil (Code) Act, 2017: (2074). The marriages listed below are regarded as valid.

If there is an event, both parties must register it in the ward office or Gaupalika.

  • Marriage in Court via Formal or Registration Process
  • More marriages as a result of other activities
  • Change in marital status following childbirth or pregnancy
  • International Court Marriage

If there is an event, both parties must register it in the ward office or Gaupalika.

If a social event is planned, both parties must register with the Gaupalika and the ward office. Traditional religious rituals performed in front of Allah by a Pandit in Hinduism, Mullas in the Muslim community, or a Church Pastor in Christianity. A marriage is considered valid when a man and a woman accept each other as husband and wife on any occasion, ceremony, formal, or other act.


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